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The relationship between nutrition and health is well known recently as the nutrition can manage or even prevent a lot of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and others.

Ramadan fasting is a form of healthy nutrition as fasting is one of therapeutic ways.

Muslims fast during ramadan every day by preventing drinks and foods from sunrise to sunset. This is type of fasting is called Dry Fasting.

Despite of the good benefits of Ramadan fasting but there is a lot of risks due to eating a lot of foods and sugars during breakfast period.

The benefits of fasting for the digestive system:

1-the digestive system resting during fasting.

2-the digestive system can detoxify during fasting and eliminate excess of wastes and toxins out of the body.

3-the liver tissue renew which gives liver the chance to eliminate of the toxins.

4-the kidney increase the rate of get rid of toxins.

The problems of digestive system during fasting:


2-peptic ulcer

3-constipation or diarrhea


The causes of digestive problems:

1-eating fast without chewing

2-not drinking enough water or fluids

3-eating much of fatty and sugary foods

4-Lack of movement and laziness

The nutrition advices during fasting:

1-eating more water-soluble fibers.

2-preventing soda.

3-replacing hot spices with aromatic spices.

4-walking about 30 minutes every day after breakfast.

5-drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

6-preventing caffeine.

7-eating suitable amount of foods.

Ramadan is a good chance for the patient to take the benefits of fasting on condition they eating well and practice more.

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